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Turn your degree into a lucrative year overseas
Korean Life
Turn your degree into a lucrative year overseas

So after years of hard work you've finally got your degree. Congratulations! Now comes the exciting  part. If you are a native speaker with a degree we can hook you up with a 12  month contract to teach English in Korea. With a decent salary and few living expenses you could put a big dent in you loan or even save for a deposit on your first house. We will make sure you will be walking up to the check-in counter at Auckland Airport with a 12 month contract in your back pocket, a visa stamped in your passport, an e-ticket in your hand and someone waiting for you at the airport in Seoul.  

Jobs In Korea

Looking to use your degree to get  a full time job and have an adventure overseas? We have jobs in Korea right now.

We will take you through the whole process, prepare you to work and live in Korea and find you a good  job.

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Information about Teach Overseas

Preparing New Zealand teachers to work in Korea is one of the core aims of our school. The huge difference between cultures has a dramatic impact on all who experience living and working in another country and culture.

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Why enrol in our

Teach Overseas TESL course?

Our preparation course is just one aspect of the support we give our graduates.

The aims to course prepare them for the rigours of working in another country and culture.

We will  take the time to give  you accurate and realistic information...

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